Sunday, February 3, 2008

Give the Super Bowl Hoopla a Rest

It's here's again - another Super Bowl Sunday and once again, I will watch as little as possible. It's not that I don't like football or sports in general - I do. I just can't stand all the hype and advertising surrounding the SuperBowl. I can't stand the fact that corporations spend millions of dollars for 15 & 30 second ads, the cost of which is passed on to us as consumers & we think this is OK. I can't stand the fact that hundreds of thousands of dollars are paid for halftime entertainment that no one really cares about. Hey - here's a thought: Why don't the athletes and entertainers involved in today's activities do it for free? That's right - FREE! Maybe if the athletes and entertainers decided to donate their day's pay to help feed the hungry in our nation or build houses for those in need or donate to help pay medical expenses of those without adequate health coverage, maybe then the whole overblown Super Bowl event wouldn't seem so over-the-top. Maybe the television network could suck up the cost of one 15 second ad and run PSA's, encouraging Americans to donate to charities or get out of their houses & volunteer for some good causes. Maybe the network could create of little pregame charity contest leading up to the Bowl - seeing which teams' fans could donate the most $$$ to established chairty funds. Maybe all of those folks could lead the way to put a little more humanism in the day & a little less shallow consumerism. Now that's the kind of hoopla that I could really get into!

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