Friday, February 1, 2008

Have an Ice Day

No school for us today - we had an ICE DAY...not to be confused with a NICE DAY - ICE days are much colder than nice days...but depsite the cold freezing rain, it turned out to be a nice ice day. Here's why: I got to stay in my jammies & knit & help consume two pots of coffee ( I had little small cups & didn't drink all of it) I frogged the Zitron Trekking socks I was making for the hubby - they were too scratchy with all that bamboo. I casted on another pair of supersoft Koigu handpaint merinos dyed various shades of brown. They are really yummy - both cuffs are done. I used some great little Chinese bamboo dpn with sharp little points - then I knitted many rows on Taylor's "So called scarf". Kim called - we chatted - & realized it was time to go to lunch. We went up to Basic Necessities. Here's what we had: pasta & fagioli soup, salad, bread & olive oil, chocolate torte, & coffee. There's nothing like a lot of knitting & then lunch with a great friend to turn an ice day into a nice day- I hope we can do it again soon

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