Sunday, February 3, 2008

An Example of All the Rest

FYI - this weekend's posts are an example of how "all the rest" in my life can get in the way of knitting. All of the weekend's activities have beem important, necessary, and fun - but not a lot of knitting has happened around here.

Here where I managed to grab a few rows:

  • Finished sock cuffs while waiting for hubby to get ready for the Evelyn Glennie concert

  • then this morning I started the cabled pattern on one sock leg

  • also this morning, I gave myself time to knit six row on Lori's shawl.

So, just a little knitting has taken place in the past two days.


I really have to finish writing two essays - but this is so much more fun. I also have to practice a little before Zephyrus rehearsal tonight. I think I'll make a deal with myself - no more blogging OR Ravelry until I finish the essays. Poop - and all it's synonyms. Here I go....................

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