Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Crud -sick again

This is boring & tiring & tedious. I am sick...again...can't figure out where it came from. It feels exactly like what I had at Easter - chills/fever & exhaustion & maybe a little dizziness - nothing else. This is how tired I am. I was watching some movie this morning - can't even remember what is was - and when I woke up another movie was going off. I hit the TV listings to see what it was...Alien 3. I had managed to sleep through the entire thing...monsters, screaming, & loud noises. (I'm glad b/c I hate scary movies).

I'm going back to bed, but this time I'm taking some knitting with me. Maybe the Cotolan Blue sweater - I'll start sewing the seams. (See..Halloween wants to help!) It feels weird to not be knitting the shawl. I was supposed to go to Janice's this evening to start blocking it. I think that will have wait. Here's what else I'm reading in between naps. I bought the Amigurimi book to see if I'd be interested in making little animals - I think I'll give it a go one day!

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