Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Surprise - Baby Surprise Jacket!

Don't get excited...there's no baby - at least not for me personally. Yes - those days are g-o-n-e - at least for me personally.
Anyway, tonight I was snooping around in my knitting closet & I found a storage bin shoved
way - way - way in the back. Here's what I found in the bin. It's a half finished Baby Surprise Jacket - ACK!
Here's a question - when did I start knitting this? I think I remember...but I'm ashamed to say that the intended recipient - the cute little "baby" girl just registered for Kindergarten tonight! Or maybe it was 4 years ago when her sister was born. Well, I'm going to frog the whole thing & maybe start over. The yarn is Lion Brand Microfiber - it's very soft but seems to split a bit...I think I remember now...
Here's another question - Why did I STOP knitting it? Hmmm...can't quite bring up anything on that subject....I wonder what else is lurking in the back of my yarn closet? I think that adventure will just have to wait for another day because this one is OVER for me. Good nite & I hope you dream about lots of yarn & finished projects...not ones that lurk.

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Cristina said...

thankyou for your comments in my blog, and for the link. I feel almost overwhelmed by it, I'm really glad you like it!
You have some beautiful knitting going on here, and I think I've fallen in love with the picture of the moon rising.

Oh, I left an answer to your comment in We <3 progress bars, so hopefully you can have progress bars soon too!