Saturday, April 19, 2008

New photos - old camera

Well, I found my OLD digital camera - the Olympus. It still works! I had lost the cable to connect it to the computer, but it doesn't matter because this computer has several card readers. Just pop that little card into the right slot & ZZIIIIIIIIIIIPPPP - there are your photos!

So - here's a spring sunrise:
I love how greeen and lacy everything looks!

....and here is the greeness creeping up the mountain, although it's better to see it in person (here's where I could insert a sound clip from Copland's Appalachian Spring!)

Now for the new knitting stuff - I tinked back my shawl TWO rows (poop) and think I found my mistake. This afternoon I'll start again - now purling row 198 for the umpteenth time. THe shawl is too big now to spread out on the needles for a photo, but here's what it looks like in a lump...
I can't wait to see it spread out & blocked! I'm getting clues for Renee Leverington's MS8 and her Spring Mystery Shawl - but I will not start them until I finish writing up my Action Research project.

...and here's some more lovlieness - Zephry Wool-Silk in Curry.
I bought this while daydreaming about Anne Hanson's Honeybee
Stole. I actually purchased the pattern - so did Janice. It's really
hard! Maybe we could work on it together, so I wouldn't get too

This is the Regia Bamboo for the baby Surprise Jacket
that's due in August.

...and this is the Hempathy & beads for a small shawl I saw in Interweave Knits - I have to figure out the placement of the beads though...I'll need help on that one!

So much new yummy yarn - so little time to play with it. I'll keep sneaking in minutes and get stuff finished eventually. I'm glad it's not a race!

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