Friday, April 18, 2008

Too Much of All the Rest

Whoa - it's the middle of April. I have not posted anything for almost a month. Here's my excuse: my camera is broken - something's wrong with the screen. There's a recall, but I can't take any new photos to post - I really like the picture part! (I'll root around Flickr & see if I can find something to add!)
Halloween's picture is my new Ravatar on Ravelry..well, that's not really big news, but here he is.

Here's an update of all of my incomplete knitting projects. There's not much going on because I'm TOO-TOO busy. Poop.
  • I've been fighting with row 201 of MS7 for about a week - maybe two - I've been way too busy with work & grad school to sit down & hunt for the mistake. But the good news is, I only have about 12 more rows to go! I can't wait to see it blocked - it will be my first lace shawl...I'm thinking of giving it as a gift...more on that later
  • DH's socks - I have them divided to knit the heels flaps
During my Spring Break visit to Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg, I bought some really yummy looking Hempathy & beads & also some more bead to go with the Claudia Hand Paint Silks I already had......AND some Regia Bamboo for a Baby Surprise Jacket that's due by August.
I also bought some more of this Tonalita by Trensdsetter - now I have enough to make the short row shawl - the one on the cover of the little Vogue Shawl book.

I'd love to take photos of the vivid greeness creeping up the mountains - the bright lavender of the red bud & the lacy whiteness of the dogwood...maybe I can fish out the OLD camera & try with that...stay tuned for an update on spring!

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