Saturday, June 21, 2008

Birds do not knit - see?

See Cindy's flower basket?


See the bird's nest in Cindy's flower basket?


See the baby birds in Cindy' s flower basket?

Awwwww......aren't they......cute? No, actually, they are not cute - right now they are pretty awful looking. One day, if the cats stay away from them, they'll grow into cute little opinionated Jenny Wrens....cheep-cheep.

No knitting yet for me today as I've been writing up everything that's due on June 30. I picked up my skein of Prism Lace yarn from Janice this afternoon - she wound it for me - all 1400 yards of it - bless her! I think I'll play with it for awhile after dinner: Anniversary Shawl by Renee Leverington or play with the toe-up cast on for my Nanner Socks by Wendy Johnson - the ones for us plurkers! There'll be more time to knit after June 30!

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