Monday, June 23, 2008


Friend Janice introduced me to plurk - it's a pretty cool & fun way to communicate with folks with similiar interests - in this case, knitting/crafting. At first, I didn't really like it. I'd ask questions or make comments, no one would respond. Poor little ole me! But eventually, things began to plurk up and now I have lots of friends and my Karma has grown - whew.....for a little while I thought I might be, you know - boring......oh well.

Now I think I might be plurking too much. For the past two days, I've actually caught myself thinking in Plurkese. You know: cinki says don't take the last chocolate dough-nut or cinki is updating her blog or cinki feels like running out of the building. This kind of scares me - what if I start talking in third person. I hope those of you I see regularly in person, instead of in plurkson, will tell me if I start speaking Plurkese aloud and not just in my head. Another side effect is that I've semi-abandoned Ravelry - I run to plurk first instead of the Rav. boards.

Here are some plurking vs. Ravelrying thoughts:

  • I wish the Ravelry threads were in plurk format - woah, that could be WAY-FUN!

  • I wish Ravelry had more emoticons for their posts - it feels weird to post there with no way to show emotion ( I've been typing 'cake' at the end of some posts!)

  • I wish we could put the plurk widget on our Ravelry page for easier plurking updates.
  • I wish we could mesh the two....WHOA - more way-fun!

I'm posting from the high school - not really work 'cause it's summer and this is part of my Practicum experience and the kids are gone....and I do not have any way to post photos from here. I'll add those when I get home! Until then - plurk ya later!

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