Friday, June 6, 2008

Yarn - yarn - everywhere!

Whoa - what a haul! I kind of went on a yarn splurge recently and ordered yarn from all over the place and guess what? It all came TODAY! Yep - the yarn Gods smiled and the planets all lined up and the post office hung onto everything and shoved it all into our mailbox on the very same day! What a great Friday surprise! So with further delay - here's what I'm adding to my stash as of right now:

From The Yarn and Fiber Company in Windham, New Hampshire here's Lace Wool in Orchard:

From Penny Rose Yarns at her store, here are two sock yarns -

Mountain Mama

...and Sylvia

From Astrid's Dutch Obsessions in the Netherlands, here's some Evilla lace that I've been coveting for a few months...yummy long color-ways! (she also included a yummy little cookie!)

...and finally, here are two skeins of hand-spun given to me by Stephanie (the spinner!) and Wanda and the wonderful Head Start kids at my school. I'm not going to teach them music next year, so to wish me well, they gave me this very special gift (along with some cute little knitty-knacks!) I'm so touched! I think I'll make some fingerless gloves with it...they will be lovely! Just as soon as I'm done with this darned project, maybe I'll find a little more time to sit and knit a bit.
Here's hoping!

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