Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A little knitting & a lot of work

I'm up to my ears organizing-or trying to organize the summer school session at our high school. This is one of my practicum projects for my administrative endorsement. I asked if I could get a little experience in another school because I've only ever worked and taught in our elementary school. Here's what I had in mind - I go to the high school - shuffle through some papers....MAYBE dig into some SOL-related information...MAYBE help code discipline stuff for the state reports - but I ended up organizing summer school. Not only organizing it, but serving as the administrator during the two week session. I feel a little weird about that. I welcome the challenge, but feel sort of like I've been taken off my tricycle and put on a motorcycle...without a helmet -YIKES!

Anyway, between this project - which I thought would be small, but is H-U-G-E - and my two class projects - which I'm working on...I promise - I've had just a little time to knit. Last night for example....I got home from class about 8:30 & was too tired to start working on literature stuff, so I knitted this little swatch instead. (almost poked my eye out a couple of times)

This is for Renee Leverington's Anniversary shawl. I might start it after June 30....you know - when everything is due & will be done. Here it is June 10th....20 more days & I might actually finish - Keep your fingers crossed & say some prayers, please!

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