Sunday, June 15, 2008

I've got a plan! WOOT!

OK - Here it is - Today - starting at 11:30, I will:

  1. Complete my graduate project brief
  2. Knit one pattern on Pam's scarf (see - "P" for Pam!) "P" for Pam
  3. Align my PowerPoint to the Research Brief
  4. Email my project & brief to Pam for approval (removing the web link to my blog b/c I don't want her to know about her scarf)
  5. Knit one pattern section on the Cable Shawl Cable shawl progress
  6. Practice my oral presentation once in front of the mirror
  7. Practice how I will greet the high school students tomorrow morning at Summer School
  8. Maybe knit another pattern on the Cable Shawl or fiddle around with the Anniversary shawl (this is not "official", so it's not on Ravelry yet... ) Anniversary shawl fiddling
  9. Somewhere in there, I'll help with dinner & Father's Day celebrations AND fret a little bit more about summer school
  10. Oh yeah - I have to write up two reflections for my Practicum assignment and total my hours - I'll probably roll that over to tomorrow. (thank you, Stacey, for the editing alert)

Ten things, OK maybe nine - to do today and the day's already half over. I've made another pot of coffee, plugged in the laptop & am ready to go......on your mark.....get ready....get set......ARGAHGRAHGR!

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