Saturday, May 17, 2008

Blocking Day

Today friend Janice & I finally blocked my MS7 shawl - Imbolc by Renee Leverington at Goddess Knits. It was a beautiful day for blocking - just a bit windy and low humidity - so we laid everything out on Janice's porch and started pinning & stretching - pinning & stretching.

A couple of breezy hours later it was all done! Here's me in my first lace shawl! After the unpinning, we celebrated with the season's first gin & tonic - yum!

First son Nick is home from college , G.M.U., and we're in the process of making him a bedroom in the basement. He spent a little - just a little - time today scraping the walls so we can put "Drylock" on it - it's a moisture barrier. Not that we've ever had water seeping through the basement walls, but better safe than sorry, I guess. I hope we can do this quickly because he's sleeping in the living room and that's getting old for all of us - poor Nick...I hope he knows that we love him lots because we're making him a NEW ROOM even though we gave his old room away to one of his brothers - too many b-i-g boys, not enough bedrooms - sigh.

Here's a closing shawl shot - thanks to Janice's husband, Ken! I look like I have butterfly wings - maybe it's time to fly away!

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