Tuesday, May 6, 2008

For all you Ringsurfers

I've recently joined three blog groups by Ringsurf: ChoralKnitters - because I am a singer and a knitter; Knitting Bloggers - because I am a knitter and have a blog (duh) and; Epsicopal Bloggers - because I am Episcopalian - and a blogger. Thus far my blog posts have mostly been about knitting and wanting to knit and a little about my singing and a little about my grad school stuff. I really have not written anything about church. So here goes....I am member of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Greenwood, Va. I sing in the choir there and occasionally, knit prayer shawls - see below - (had to get knitting in there somehow!)
I also help out with our church's monthly food distribution - I do the paperwork. We distribute food boxes to about 130 families each month. Emmanuel is a loving, vibrant parish. Our family is blessed to be part of the Emmanuel family.

So - I knit in church. There are lots of us choir-knitters at Emmanuel - well, at least four or five. We usually work on prayer shawls, but if it's close to Christmas, some of us can be seen trying to finish up a project before the Holidays hit or working on other stuff if we're between shawls.
I'm between shawls right now, so here's what I'll be taking to church next:
This is the Shawl with Cables from Vogue Knitting On The Go: Shawls. The pattern suggests Noro, but mine is from Trendsetter Tonolita. I love the colors and it's very soft. In fact, it's calling to me right now, so here I go to sit & knit a bit. TTFN - !

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