Monday, May 12, 2008

Post -Mother's Day Post

Yesterday, P, A & DH & I drove to W'burg to visit DH's parents - specifically my m-i-l because 1. it was Mother's Day and 2. she's going to have open heart surgery in a week. One of DH's brothers and his wife were there, too. The two of us daughters-in-law made spaghetti & a salad & heated up yummy garlic bread for dinner. It was a nice visit, even though dear m-i-l is nervous about her upcoming surgery - so are we! After dinner, we sat around and tried to talk about normal stuff, but also talked about surgery concerns. I wish all seven of m-i-l's children could have been there to celebrate the day with her...and to show their concern and their love. I'm glad we went to visit & today I got a nice email from m-i-l, thanking us for preparing dinner and for the stuff we gave her.

My m-i-l is a knitter. Her Ravelry page says that she's been knitting for 66 years! She started knitting before she married my f-i-l and kept on knitting while he was stationed overseas during WWII. She has told me stories about knitting socks for him. She continued knitting while mothering seven children. About 13 years ago, one day she developed a bad pain in her hand. Turns out it was sudden onset rheumatoid arthritis. After that, she couldn't knit anymore, so she gave me all her stuff. About a year or two ago, she started knitting again. It was the combination of several things: 1. her arthritis pain was manageable 2. she got a new dog & 3. we visited Knitting Sisters and she decided to make dog sweaters! Well, of course she had to buy all new stuff! (hooray for her!) This week, she is trying to finish her Kaffe Fassat Regia socks so she can wear them in the hospital. She's on the second sock, so I'm sure she'll be done in time. I hope and pray that her surgery goes well and that she'll recover in comfort - I'm looking forward to sharing more knitting time with her and making lots of doggie sweater for the Heritage Humane Society. Hugs to the best m-i-l ever!


Here's a brief knitting update for me - the new Cindy Knitter KAL yarn arrived. I'm going to do a swatch in just a minute to check my gauge. Here's the pattern & yarn - Knitpicks Shine in
Bachelor Button.

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