Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday night - WOOT!

Hooray! It's Friday and I'm celebrating with a glass of wine - then I'm gonna knit. It's been a great Friday evening so far - dinner finished at a decent hour - boys distributed to various locations and now I'm ready to sit back and relax just a bit. Another Friday evening highlight was talking to m-i-l on the phone. She sounds good and we're planning to drive down to see her tomorrow. Today's post-open heart surgery highlight was getting out of bed, with help from the P.T., and walking a little bit. I hope and pray that things continue to go well for her!

For anyone who keeping track - I've just posted a photo of yet another yarn choice for the Ribbon Lace Scarf. This is the third one - I can't seem to find a yarn I like. This is Regia Bamboo and while I love the colors, I think it might be a bit busy for the ribbon lace. What do you think? The previously posted Noro Sock didn't make it very far. In fact, if I can find the receipt, I'll return it. Yuck. I didn't like knitting with it. The Regia Bamboo, on the other hand, is super soft. It might work out - who knows? Apparently not me!

Just for fun, here's #1 son with first cat, White Socks, on his tummy. White Socks is a big boy - he's always been tall, but has settled into his 14th year by spreading...kind of like his mom. White Socks was #1 son's first pet. We got him when Nick was in Kindergarten. The boys describe White Socks as "the best kitty ever". Of course , I think that's Halloween - he's such a mamma's boy!

It's time to go sit and knit a little bit - maybe cast on for the Cindy Knitter's KAL -Happy Friday and happy knitting to all!

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