Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good things - Bad things

Good thing: I'm pleased to say that our visit to Sentara Heart Hospital in Norfolk was great! Mom was sitting in a type of reclining chair when we arrived. She was talking and laughing with us. It was good to see her progress. No one really know how many mroe days she'll be there, but we're assuming that she'll need to go to another type of transitional facility until she gets stronger. I think she's getting stronger each day. That was good to see!

Bad thing: The hospital had valet parking and while our car was parked about 100 ft from the hospital entrance, and being watched bu a valet - my OLD digital camera was stolen. I'm so bummed out! anow I have NO camera , so this post will have no photos. Tomorrow I'm going out to buy a cheap one until the Canon gets fixed. Photos to come, I'm sure!

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