Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday night knitting & weirdness

Last night while DH was watching the Washington Nationals lose on T.V. and the 16 yr. old twins were listening to music at the semi-local coffee shop/book store, I was knitting....and watching "chick flicks". I watched Murphy's Romance with Sally Field and Jim Garner, and then I watched the last half of the latest version of Jane Eyre - the one with Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens. I love the Guardian's review on the DVD jacket....."style, substance, and just the right amount of heaving bodices..." I like the "heaving body" part. It's very tastefully done.

I knitted through the movies and finished the last row of the first section of the Shawl with Cables, put it on a holder, and started another section.

Here's what they look like together.
I still like how the Tonalita is knitting up, but the pretty light pink has not made another appearance. I guess I feel asleep while DH was out picking up the boys & shuttling home some of their friends. It's hard to stay up late on Friday nights, especially after dancing pretty much all day with my music classes. Music is a very physically demanding job. My predecessor told me that, but I had to live it to understand - as with everything in life. So, last night I was pooped!

At 12:50 a.m., the doorbell this is unusual. We live in a pretty rural area - up on a hill - and are bordered by cows, pasture, & woods. If we squint, we can sometimes catch a glimpse of our nearest a doorbell ring at 12:50 causes a bit a of stir. DH went to the door, followed by me, carrying an unused golf club (actually they are all unused right now, but that's another story). DH clicked on the porch light & guess what? There was no one there. We turned on the outside floodlights and headed back to bed, first checking to make sure that our teens were tucked in and accounted for. They were. So after a little discussion and checking off possible suspects, we drifted off to sleep....and the doorbell rang again. This time we heard the little poop running off the porch. This time, all the floodlights were turned on, and this time, I called the Sheriff's Office. They sent a deputy out right away and he searched the area.
The whole thing is most likely kids pulling pranks, but I really hope they don't come back tonight or in the future. I'm planning a little surprise for them if they do!

Here's Halloween this morning. He & White Socks were outside all night. Lousy attack cats. We're going to have to work on their guarding skills!
Because we were up throughout the night, we are treating ourselves to a big breakfast. I can hear DH mixing up the eggs right now. That's my cue to put the turkey bacon in the microwave & get the toast, I'm out of here - yum - comfort food.

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