Thursday, May 22, 2008

Winding down....

...this is not the same as "unwinding". Nope - not at all - in fact, as far as school in concerned, it's exactly the opposite. This week for example, we are administering S.O.L. tests in our school, the first graders are practicing for our "May Day/Field Day" celebration and today they are on a field trip; the Kindergarteners are practicing for their promotion ceremony; the 5th graders are jockeying for cafetorium time because they want to practice for their promotion ceremony; everyone's scurrying to get inventories done & orders placed for next year & websites updated & supply lists published. Right now, it doesn't seem that everything will fall into place by next Friday, when we teachers will wave good-bye to the students - but it will -it always does!

M-I-L update: the 8:00 p.m. Wednesday up found her sitting up, with help of course, and asking Jake & Diane to find her a "red Popsicle". She's off the respirator, obviously, and so far, so good! I'm going to Ben Franklin this afternoon to get some Noro Sock yarn for the Ribbon Scarf mentioned in the previous post and while I'm there, I'll get my dear m-i-l a little yarn treat to give to her when I see her! Thanks be to God that she's doing well!

....later that day....
I'm just back from Ben Franklin in W'boro. Couldn't find any yarn for m-i-l, so I'll stop in C'ville on the way down to see her or maybe by Knitting Sisters in W'burg. Anyway, here's the Noro I got for the scarf - sure do hate the texture of this yarn, but I'm assured by multiple people that it softens beautifully when it's washed.

Finally, speaking of winding down or up or wherever - the little treat I ordered for myself arrived yesterday. I'm taking it to Janice's this weekend to let her hold it hostage until AFTER my project presentation on June 30.

It's a Cascade Little Si drop spindle and 8 oz. of merino so I can learn to spin. Of course, I did not ask for advice on this purchase and have since learned that merino isn't really what i should start with - so Janice will find me a snippet of something else - once my project is done and she's ready to give it back to me - maybe this will motivate me to go ahead and finish - it's worth a try, don't' you think? Goodness - I hope so!

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