Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"New" projects, internet frustrations & new camera!

After looking at the sales inserts in Sunday's paper and cruising the internet for deals, I went to W'boro Monday morning to buy a new camera. When I got to store #1, I found out that the camera I wanted was only available at the great price online. At store #2, I found two cameras that were acceptable, and decided on one - whew....wait - not so fast! The store had no more in stock, so not wanting to settle for the second choice, I pressed on. At store #3 I found diddly squat, so back to store #2 I went and purchase this:

Since I started posting my knitting projects on Ravelry, it's amazing how often I use my camera. I really miss the Canon and have contacted them again about the recall. It might take a phone call to get things moving. Maybe I'll have time on Thursday, when I'm not teaching.

So, the "new" project is the Baby Surprise Jacket I found lurking in my closet awhile back. I started knitting another one for Baby Steiner, but realized I never finish it in time for the shower, so I dug out the pattern and found that I'd left good instructions for where to re-begin - so I did. I only have about ten more rows to go! Hooray! My only concern is that I'm making it on size 3 needles and it looks like it will be on the small side. Baby Steiner is coming in August. I hope the baby will have a chance to wear the jacket before outgrowing it!

Thursday afternoon, a tree guy is coming over to look at two trees out behind our house - One is a maple which leans toward the house & has limbs that block our TV and internet satellite. In fact, I'm trying to post this using dial-up right now - and I'm not having much luck. Photos take a long time to upload on dial-up, so if this post has no photos, you'll no why - poop. The bigger problem is when DH is home, his work must be done via internet. No internet = no work = bad business. I sure hope the tree guy can help us out.

Cats are funny people. Here's Halloween giving me a goodnight hug - he frequently does this. Just as I'm getting ready to go to sleep and if I'm on my side, he'll climb up and straddle my arm and hug me...well, I think he hugs me! Wonderful kitty, don't you think?

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