Sunday, May 18, 2008

The things parents do

It's dark outside and a little chilly for mid-May...and DH and I are up with son A., getting ready to drive to C'ville to work at a concession stand at U.Va.'s graduation. The money we earn will be applied toward his trip to Europe next spring. Son P., still in bed, is on the waiting list for the trip - really - we can't afford to send one child to Europe, so P is pretty much resigned to not going. When you have children, no one tells you about all the choices and dynamics that constantly interplay. It's makes for some interesting times, let me tell you! So, we'll work outside today from 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. No place for knitting or reading - just selling stuff to U.Va. graduates' parents & families.

It's going to rain. Photos to come, I'm sure.
Well, it didn't rain - at least not much - but it was windy and cold. We considered wrapping up in the extra banquet table clothes that were hanging around! Have you ever tried wrapping up roses in gusting wind? Not so easy! Fortunately, the U.Va. parents were patient. At my stand, we sold over 250 roses.

We figured that there were about 6,000 students graduating from various schools today. Here's a sea of them on the "Lawn" - all of those black caps are just a small portion of the graduates.

The University of Virginia was designed by President Thomas Jefferson. Here's one of its famous serpentine walls.

So, there was no time for knitting during the day, although I did take it with me, just in case. After dinner, I'll read my homework assignment and then knit a little on the dog sweater I'm making for my m-i-l's charity knitting group.

Tomorrow is her surgery, so with each stitch I make, I'll say prayers for her. May she be blessed with the Lord's healing.

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